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Welcome the Jellicle Fraternity!!!

Hi! I'm Carbucketty!!! I'm the protector of our group. If you will now get in line, I'll show you around!!!

Updated: June 2nd

Notice:Sorry we've not been updating recently. School for me, Bill, Victor, George, and Mistoffelees. MistyBom's out of school, since she graduated early in New York, and she's younger than me. It's not fair! Anyway, just got away from school, and now we're updating! Victoria's taking her time moving in, etc. Queens.*rolls eyes* Okay, I must repeat. This page does not work with web Tv or Netscape. And to our viewer that so kindly pointed that out, I couldn't reach you because our email says your address doesn't work. I'm sorry, but if you wish to view this page, you're going to have to get a different server.

MistyBom's Room This is MistyBom's room, and she is the writer here. She's got some stories in there, that with some begging, she might let you read.

Mistoffelees' Room: Mistoffelees room is down for much needed repairs. Read more about it in Victor's log. When he get's it up.

Victor's Room Victor's back from vacation. He was staying with his friend Charlie, and didn't even write, the little snot. But he says great thing are to come to his room, so keep checking it out!

Coricopat's and Tantomile's Room This is Tant's and Corico's room, and they are on a quest right now to find the best CATS sights around, along with some of my own selections. They've got a few up currently, but don't disturb them too much, they are really grouchy when they are awakened from meditation!

George and Bill Bailey's Room I don't know what's going on with these two. Creative differences I would guess from all the fighting, but apparently they've got it up!

My Room: Okay, my room is semi-decent right now. You can find reviews of my favourite musicals. (i.e. the one's I've seen, or have on video/CD.)WARNING: This room is under RE-construction. Should be up as soon as I get my good synopsis' ready

Please fill out the Quizlet before you go!!!

Well thanks for coming! And visit again soon!!

This CATS Webring site owned by the Silly Jellicles known as Carbucketty, MistyBom, Mistoffelees, George, Bill Bailey, and Victor.
If you are a fan of CATS, the musical, join the ring!
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We the owners of Carbucketty's Frat, beg, down on our knees, for the forgiveness of the Really Useful Group, for our free, although unathorized, promotion of the Longest Running Musical on Broadway, and the West End. Not to mention all the other musicals we premote, without permission, belonging to various authors and companies.